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We are so certain of our training that we are willing

to offer 30 minutes absolutely FREE. No gimmicks. No tricks. We want you to be the best that you can or desire to be.


  CONTACT US     to receive a FREE 30 minute Live Coaching with a Master Coach on the dance and topic of your choice.

Option 1:  Video session  -  Like an in-studio session

via Skype, Messenger, or Zoom. No sales talks at the

ends of the sessions.

Option 2:  Chat and Q & A  -  Give us a call. We will

answer all of your questions and concerns, and advise

you as to the best course of progression. No sales ever.

Everything from the psychology of dance to preparation

to practice to performing may be discussed / danced during your private session/s.


Further sessions are offered at the regular rate of  $120/hour. Ask about the monthly subscription discount program.

Ask about
Special Discount Pricing 
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