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Welcome                    About BDC                    Current Events                    Portfolio                    Friends of BDC                    Contacts

A Truly Unique Dance Company

One of less than 5 similar performing arts companies across the U.S. today, Balladagio is the creation of dancer, choreographer, director, and "DanceKinesis" dance author, Percell 'Angel' St Thomass. The company was born in Anchorage, Alaska during his terms there as an Artist-in-Schools / Artist-in-Residence with the Alaska State Council on the Arts. What began as a performing group at the renown Academie de Danse, AK & HI, quickly grew into a nationally sought after dance company.

Balladagio is a Ballroom, Latin, and Tango based dance company that combines the

grace, rhtyhms, and excitement of these genres with the pizzazz of jazz, the syncos

of Tap, the loftiness of Ballet, the strength of Flamenco, and the fun and

entertainment of theatre to create a unique and entertaining experience unlike no

other. The Alaska based company performed a new fully staged musical on an

average of once yearly with some shows running simultaneously. Its first couple of

tours took dancers from Alaska to California, Hawai`i, Texas, Kentucky, and



The company is divided into 3 parts, and is comprised of dancers from 12 years of

age to senior citizen. These three parts are:

1.  The Class  (dancers come to learn the various styles of dance and get an introduction into the blending of the genres.

2.  The Preparatory Company (dancers learn what it takes to become a member of the Performing Company, and might or   might not, at their desire, perform in the Repertory.

3.  The "Balladagio" Performing Company - semi-professional performing company (dancers learn, train, practice, rehearse, and perform in the company and according productions including; local events (with the Rep), at-home productions, and, tours.


The Repertory is open to all dancers. Membership in the Performing Company is by audition and/or appointment only. Positions in the performing company are semi-professional (financially compensated) positions. They do not, however, jeopardize a dancer's Amateur status for those in competitive genres.The Repertory and Performing companies meet for a required amount of time. All dancers may attend most classes, and dance directly alongside company members.


Members of the company have concurrently performed in other productions, and/or moved to other companies in New York, Mexico, Canada, and France, as well as television, stage, film, and cruise ships. Known Balladagio staged musicals have included; "Tripping the Light Fantastic", "Simply Dancing" (staged performance), "Simply Dancing" (the PBS filmed follow-up), "Swing Street" (which led to being chosen as the Swing Dance company at Disneyland), and the well known "Soul of Argentina: A Tribute to Tango" (a national, 24 production tour).

Walkdown at the "The Soul of Argentina"

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Mgg Agt:     Sherri Wimberly     601.297.2185

Dir:               PR St Thomass

Current Studios:

                    10958 D'Iberville Blvd.

                     D'Iberville, MS

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